Association of Water Agencies, Ventura County

Mission Statement 
To develop and encourage cooperation among entities for the development, protection, conservation and improvement of the total water resources for Ventura County.


For AWA Members -  The Water Issues Committee meets on the 3rd Tuesday of each month, from 7:30 – 9:00 a.m
( The Committee is dark during the months of April, August and December)

AWA Water Issues Committee 2016 Plan of Work

Adopted by Committee: January 19 2016
Co-Chairs: William Hair and Stacy A. Roscoe




1.) Water Supply


2.) Water Quality


3.) Regulation/Legislation


4.) Finance


5.) Associated Issues (potential impact to water supply, quality or cost) 



1. Water Supply (Linkage with Planning/Management/Interagency Cooperation)


a. Water Reclamation (infrastructure & planning)

 Potable reuse

Oxnard water project

Brackish water (seawater intrusion) /Desalination projects

 Recycled water projects


b. Water Transfers (updates on related legislative bills/projects)

VC Projects (e.g. Water Pipelilnes/Transfers; United/Ventura, Oxnard/Ventura, etc.)

Other Projects


c. Water Storage Projects – Ventura County

 New Groundwater Management Strategies for Basins

Lake Piru Supply & Releases (per ESA & SGMA)

Freeman Enhancement Project (Ferro Pits, RiverPark, etc)

Water Banking Potentials (future bond interest, etc.)


d. State Water Project

 Bay Delta Conservation Plan

State Water Storage Projects


e. Water Supply

Stormwater Recovery/Groundwater Recharge (new regs. based on "watershed approach" Need AWA Integration)

Ocean Desal (Calleguas completed recent study)

Conjunctive Use

Drought Watch

Conservation Measures 

Water Sustainability During Large Scale Disaster (Emergency Supply Planning)


f. Review Projects in Other Areas

Permanent Funding for Infrastructure/User Pay Concepts

Salinity Mgmt Pipeline (SMP) Progress

Ojai Valley Diversion/Recharge Basins

Water Quality & Food Safety in Ag Community

Simi/Conejo/Santa Rosa Basins Status

Cambria Desal Project w/Direct Potable Reuse


g. Safe Yields for Steelhead Restoration/Passage Construction Projects

United Freeman Diversion/Water Supplies

Lake Casitas “Taking” Concerns

 Santa Clara River Estuary

Concerns Ventura River Flows (flows per SGMA)

Concerns Matilija (removal plan)


2. Water Quality


a. Chlorides & Nitrates (Maximum allowable levels; and other related study topics)

Urban Water Management Plans 2015 Deadline

Discharge/High TDS (Regional Board)

Review - Chloride Level Standards for Santa Clara River Watershed

TMDL Levels for Local Watersheds (monitor process with regulatory agencies)

Salt & Nutrient Planning for Watersheds (2015 due dates)

Surface & Groundwater Manganese Contaminant Issues

Lake Casitas Aeration Project for surface water

State Water Quality Control Board Nutrient Numeric Endpoint (NNE) Policy


b. Urban Storm Water


New State Board Potable Water Requirements for Runoff


c. Technologies/Solutions to Clean Up and Resolve Problems

Pharmaceuticals & Viruses in Water (Leisure Village programs)


d. Utilizing Recycled Water for Groundwater Supply

Potential Restrictions on Injections due to Chlorides, Salts & Nutrients


e. Drinking Water Standards

Track New & Current Developments


f. Chromium 6

Public Health Goals


3. Regulation/Legislation

Sustainable Groundwater Management Act (SGMA) Agencies forming in our County...Who Are They?

MS4 Permit Renewal - New Stormwater Regulations and Watershed Impacts

State Water Resources Control Board (SWRCB) Drought Regulations

Water costs (litigation among city and water contractors fighting amongst each other)

"Beneficiaries Pay" Concepts

All New Regulations on Horizon Summarized (including Fish & Game habitat / maintenance issues)

Best Management Practices (BMPs)

Conservation 20% by 2020 (SWRCB assisting all to get on target)

Endangered Species Act (effects on water supply & potential fiscal impacts, including Habitat Conservation Plans, Sections 7 and 10 Steelhead & Biological Impact & NOAA Fisheries)

VC Agricultural Irrigated Lands Grop (VCAILG)/Watershed Partnerships (Ag/Urban Discharges)


4. Finance (Impacting Water Supply, Storage, Quality, Transfer, Delivery, Infrastructure)

Water Bond Financing

Prop 84 (last round-end of 2015) & Prop 1 Funding

Aging Infrastructure

Aging Workforce

Energy Costs (Demand management, Federal issues, Hydraulic energy, etc. Water Energy Demands – Ways to reduce costs; Water tariffs & meter fees)

Ventura County Watersheds Coalition


5. Associated Issues (Impacting our Water Supply, Quality or Cost)

Invasive Species (including Quagga, Zebra, Clams)

Wetlands (Oxnard/Ventura/Pt. Mugu)




The following items will be discussed at each meeting:


a. Watershed Reports


b. Water Legislation


c. Groundwater Management Reports


d. Recycled Water


e. Water Conservation


f. Technology Solutions


g. Water Purveyor Reports


h. AWA Reports


i. Focus Topic (Concentrated review/study of pre-selected water issue topic. Topic changes each month.)





Assist in Conflict Resolution/avoidance whenever possible: Agency to Agency, Area to Area.


Consensus Building—Gather consensus to promote a united position and have greater impact when appropriate.


Legislative Input – Unification of positions when appropriate—use AWA as a forum to generate synergy.


COMMUNICATION/EDUCATION Disseminate information, communication and education on issues studied through AWA Board of Directors, website, WaterWise Breakfast meetings, Water Symposium and workshops.





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